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Ian Dunkleyб Australia

" Following my inquiry with you yesterday my order arrived today, Thanks. I have to say I’ve tried the gear on & it fits perfectly, it’s awesome! Merry Xmas & happy New Year"

Product: Men's Fetish Leggings.

 Eric, USA

" Thanks guys for mfg top quality gear. its awesome love it!! Plan on buying more !!"

Product: Maskulo thigh pads zippered rear shorts.

Clifford, Spain

" Would like to say. Just received my order and I have to congratulate you on the design quality and finish on your products. I did purchase a jock strap from a fetish shop on England many years ago and I still have it. Will most definitely be purchasing a lot more items from your collection in the future. I think a trip to Berlin might be in order Congratulations on a fantastic product. Not enough people know or appreciate your products. I for one will be recommending and wearing them with a great deal of pride. Thanks. "

Product: Men's Fetish Top.

 Joaquin, USA:

"Thank you for your customer service in processing my order. Love your apparel , keep up the good work."

Product:Men's Fetish Leggings

Steven, United Kingdom

"Wow - that’s service!!!! I’ve placed my order, thank you so much! This is my ‘Pride London’ outfit so I’m delighted you’ve helped me out! Best wishes from London.

Product:Men's Fetish T-Shirt ,Men's Fetish Shorts.

Vic, USA

"I love the codpiece idea from you guys . At skivvies I buy them all the time in Dallas Texas. I love how they snap and unsnap them on the codpiece. love the jockstraps. checking your website here."

Michael, USA

"Thank you for my products. I love them. I put them all together this morning. They fit great, and Im already thinking of ordering more."

Product:  Men's Fetish Shorts.

Markus, Germany

"Dear Bananez Team,
many thanks for your excellent customer-oriented service. 
Such a thing in Internet shopping is currently not the rule."

Products: Men's Fetish Leggings , Men's Fetish Trunks

Richard, USA

"Great products and customer service… We loved the item we got quickly from Siberia… Don’t be afraid to use these guys… They are what they say they are. And have the extra large sizes I need. The other stores do not. Great site!"

Product: Men's Fetish Wrestling Singlet.

Ron, USA

"Good afternoon, I just want to say that I love my new shorts! Best fit ever! Keep up the good work!"

Product:  Men's Fetish Shorts.

Michal, Poland

"I succesfully made an order on your website, thank you very much ;) i am always satisfied with your items, always. I am preparing to buy something also after new year :)"

Product: Men's Fetish Briefs.

Sebastian, Sweden

"Today I have received my goods! And it fits and looks amazing! Thank you so much."

Product: Men's Fetish Jockstrap.

Daniel, USA:

"Love the photos of your models and your products too."


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